Special friends in Columbus, Nebraska

What a blessing to have the privilege of being with Wayne and Ardith Loseke on their farm north of Columbus, Nebraska.  It was one of those very, very special days that one will never forget.

On February 25th old Missionary Gary had the privilege of being with Wayne and Ardith on their farm, and it made Gary feel like he was visiting his dad and mom.  It was great seeing Wayne in his overalls and without friends like these dear folks we couldn’t have kept on all these 26 years here at the Lord’s Mission Central.

We had a wonderful time to visit and exchange stories, and most important we were able to share some Bible verses and pray together.  Ardith is dealing with some cancer issues, and at a time like this we have to just collapse into the arms of our dear Lord Jesus to guide, lead and direct us each day!  We would ask for your prayers for this family, and we know that the Lord will hear our prayers for the Loseke family.  The Lord has two special chairs in our real home for these dear friends, who realize the only thing really important in this life is telling more and more people about our dear Savior Jesus!