What a blessing to have two special friends from Smithland, Iowa come to visit Mission Central on August 29th, 2019!  These NOT NORMAL people were willing to spend some time here to see what God can do with uneducated people and an old set of farm buildings in the middle of nowhere!

Pictured in our office with our Boss in the background is young Isaiah Martindale and to the right of the picture is 96 year old Gilbert Persinger.  Gilbert was a long time customer at the Mapleton Trust & Savings Bank at Mapleton, Iowa where old Missionary Gary was president for years!  Gib, was a special man and had a great story to tell.

Yes, Gilbert told of holding the had of his dear daughter Mary, and just before God called her home, he told her how much he loved her!  To his surprise she opened her eyes very, very wide, and a brightness came across her face and in her eyes,….Gilbert could see the face of Jesus!…and then God called her home.  What a wonderful story that people need to hear!

These men know who Jesus is and what HE did for us on the cross!  Special friends who are NOT NORMAL!