Special friends from Holstein visit Mission Central

A number of years ago we had the privilege of meetings some very, very special NOT NORMAL people from Holstein, Iowa. Kevin and Lana Conover have been such an encouragement and blessing to the work at the Lord’s Mission Central.

Kevin and Lana are members of Faith Lutheran Church at Holstein, Iowa. They came to visit Mission Central on the 21st of November, and they brought something that was a part of their family for years and years. They brought a wonderful “baby bed” that we were able to place in our large bedroom up stairs at Mission Central, so that when Missionaries come here with small children they have a special bed for those little missionaries. It was something that we needed and the Lord provided at “just the right time”.

Here you see these special missionaries in front of our Boss here at this MIRACLE PLACE. What a blessing to see how the Lord sends HIS special NOT NORMAL people to arrive here, just when they are needed!