What a JOY and blessing to welcome some very, very dear longtime friends to the World-Famous Mission Central for a special tour on October 21st, 2020! These special missionaries have been acquainted with Old Missionary Gary for so, so, so many years.

Rev. Randy Cormeny, the pastor of St. John Lutheran Church at Battle Creek, Iowa wanted some of his members to come and see the MIRACLES here at the Lord’s Mission Central.

Two veteran missionaries from St. John at Battle Creek, Iowa were so interested to see the animals in the Lord’s Creation Theater. What a blessing to show them what God can do with 30 taxidermy animals to tell the story of HIS creation and what HE created on the 6th day of Creation.
It was truly a special day that these dear friends will never forget!

Here you see these 3 special friends, from right to left: Rev. Randy Cormeny, Gene Gross and Orville Hummelgard in front of our Boss here at the Lord’s Mission Central!!!