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The Fruits of His Word

Missionary Deaconess Danelle Putnam

Dominican Republic – Easter 2020



Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!


Easter greetings to you from “Shelter in Place” in the Dominican Republic!

During this time of suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic I pray you may be comforted by the cross of Christ. Jesus took upon himself our sin and sickness so that we will have a joyous end to all suffering on the Last Day! 


The Lord is with you!



I have some good news to share! 

I am engaged to be married to Pastor Carlos Schumann. Carlos is from Argentina.  He was a missionary to the Lutheran Church of Chile for almost 30 years. He currently serves as the director of Luther Academy in Latin America ( Luther Academy provides continuing theological education to Lutheran pastors throughout the world. Carlos will move to the Dominican Republic once we are married. For now, wedding plans are on hold as our original date has been postponed due to the coronavirus. We’ll keep you updated on future plans!




Deaconess Formation

One of my newer responsibilities is training women to be deaconesses through our seminary in the Dominican Republic. I help in writing courses, teaching, and administrating the diaconal program.
We are forming women in Guatemala, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Panamá and Venezuela to assist their pastor in the areas of works of mercy, Christian education, and spiritual care in their congregation and out in the greater community.  The women love studying and are ready and willing to serve their neighbor!  O
ur third course on using the Law and Gospel in Diaconal Ministry is ready to be taught once we can meet again after the pandemic!



Pictured above are two groups of diaconal students from Mexico studying, “Suffering, Cross and Mercy”. Courses are taught by a deaconess and a missionary pastor (left, Pastor Daniel Conrad). We coordinate courses with pastors from our sister churches (right, Pastor Samuel Perez, Lutheran Synod of Mexico). Below, students from Guatemala wear their pink diaconal uniforms during a three-day intensive on the “Divine Service.”




Our Ladies in Panama have classes on a weekly basis with
Deaconess Eva Rickman and their pastors.



On-line Diaconal Courses


During the next couple of months, we will be working on developing an on-line component. This will be helpful for the women to be able to continue their studies with or without pandemic limitations and expands our capacity to be in close contact with the 140 enrolled students.
We recently held a video conference workshop for students in Mexico and Guatemala on Mercy and Stewardship. Over 40 women participated. We were encouraged by ladies’ interest and enthusiasm!



Pastor Ted Krey teaches an on-line workshop over Zoom to
diaconal students in Mexico and Guatemala.



Practical Training


The diaconal formation we provide is practical as well as theological. Deaconess students take part in field work which ranges from visitation, teaching Bible school, leading women and youth to running weekly feeding programs for the homeless, tutoring at-risk children, and ministering to people with developmental disabilities. The deaconess cares for people in their body and soul, pointing them to Jesus and His Word and Sacraments!



Diaconess students from Lamb of God Lutheran Church in the Dominican Republic
organized food relief items for people in need due to the corona-virus crisis. 
We assisted Pastor Yban in sharing a word of encouragement and
praying for those we visited.



Teaching in Bolivia


Last fall, I traveled to Bolivia to participate in a women’s conference of the Christian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bolivia. I taught on “Living Under God’s Grace” and did a presentation on the vocation of the deaconess. We are exploring the possibility of diaconal training in Bolivia in the future. 



A participant displays a Bible verse she decorated,
“For by grace you have been saved” Eph. 2:8



Please pray for: 

Our deaconess program, on-line seed sowing & teaching, staying healthy!

Thank you, in Jesus’ name!




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