We were so blessed a year ago to be able to have our entire parking lot finished with 6 inches of asphalt, and what a blessing that has been for the thousands of visitors that come to this MIRACLE PLACE!
The snow removal for last winter was such an encouragement, because for the first time we didn’t have to “dig into the rock and lawn”.
However, one of the things that helps to maintain the parking lot is the fact that it should be “sealed” in order to prevent cracks and breaking.  We were able to do that in the last days.  Attached is a picture of our parking lot after the application of the oil based sealant.  It looks great, and welcomes the many, many visitors that come to see us.  This past week we had 6 tour groups that came to see what the Lord has done here.  What a blessing to see these folks IN PERSON!  Especially, at a time like this!  We thank God for his blessing and protection here at HIS Mission Central!