What a JOY and BLESSING to welcome Rev. Quintin Cundiff, his wife Lindsay and their 10 year old son, Carter to the Lord’s Mission Central on March 19th, 2022!

Yes, this family has been serving at Amherst, Nebraska, where Pastor Cundiff has been the shepherd of the flock there at Trinity Lutheran Church.  Now, the Lord has called this family to HIS mission field at Riga, Latvia where Pastor Cundiff will be teaching students at the seminary and reaching out to the people in that entire area to share the love of Jesus with so many in total darkness.  In that region there are now many refugees, and this family will have the privilege of bringing Jesus to these poorest of poor people.

Here you see this dear family in our office at Mission Central, where Carter indicated that he too will be sharing Jesus with the young people of that region.  These are our newest missionaries and they are just starting their support raising, and we would ask you to consider helping, praying and supporting this special family that God has called to reach out to people in total darkness.  Your prayers would be such a blessing for this dear family.