To be truly NOT NORMAL…you have to come across 3 states, of Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa to get to Mission Central… have to not forget what you heard from someone from Mission Central who spoke over a year ago in Boulder, Colorado.  Then you have to drive that distance and stay at a Super 8 Motel in Onawa, Iowa and then drive to Mission Central for a day tour.


Yes, that’s just what Nancy and Pat did to get to Mission Central to see and hear what God can do in the “middle of nowhere” with an old set of farm buildings.  ]


What a JOY to welcome these dear NOT NORMAL ladies, as they traveled all the way to see what God can do in the hills of Western Iowa.  What a JOY to welcome them to be part of a tour group from Norfolk, Nebraska.  We won’t forget Nancy and Pat….THEY ARE INDEED “NOT NORMAL”.