Not Normal Susan Fuchs Holt visits Mission Central

When speaking at Springfield, Illinois, Missionary Rev. Brent Smith had no idea that a very, very, very NOT NORMAL lady by the name of Susan Fuchs Holt was listening very intently!  The Lord was calling Sue to come and visit HIS MISSION CENTRAL!

That’s exactly what happened on November 2nd, 2019!!  Sue made a special trip out of her way to come and visit this MIRACLE PLACE.
What a JOY it was to have Sue spend the day here at the Lord’s Mission Central.  Old Missionary Gary could tell IMMEDIATELY that this lady was truly NOT NORMAL!  Jesus truly lives in Sue’s heart, and she understands what the Lord’s mission is truly about!

Sue enjoyed the presentation in the Lord’s Creation Theater, and the barn Museum, as well as the offices, the Ministry Center and her tour ended in the amazing little Wayside Prayer Chapel.  Here in the picture you can see Sue in front of our Boss here, and she even got a special picture showing the five (5) things hidden in the picture that was painted by Warner Sallman in 1940!  It was a day we will never, never forget!!!