Not Normal people from Council Bluffs, Pierce and Lawson arrive at Mission Central

October 25th, 2019 here at Mission Central was indeed a very, very special day!  Yes, it worked out that we were able to schedule a wonderful group of NOT NORMAL people from all over the mid-west to be here with us for a day tour of the Lord’s Mission Central.
Yes, people came from Lawton and Council Bluffs, Iowa and from Omaha and Pierce, Nebraska!  They wanted to hear what God is doing and how HE is still providing real MIRACLES here in the middle of nowhere!
This group, because of it’s size were able to have THE FULL TOUR of all of the facilities, including the Wayside Prayer Chapel, and the full office tour also!  They enjoyed the Creation Theater, the Ministry Center, and the Barn Museum.  Included in the group was Rev. Zellmer from Bethel Lutheran in Lawton and his entire family.  Missionary Candace Sutter from Faith Lutheran Church in Council Bluffs, helped to organize a group also.
It was a special day that we will always remember, and here you see the group by our sign and in the Theater.