Over the years we have the privilege and honor to meet some of the most NOT NORMAL MISSIONARIES!   Yes, people that “really, really” get it!

On Thursday the 10th of June we had ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING Missionaries come to spend the night on June 9th and then present on Thursday the 10th at 10:00AM.  The Lord allowed us the honor of hearing the Honorable Missionary Phillip Magness and see his photos and hear his recordings as he is “in action” teaching in the French Language…..using his God Given musical talents to help people “praise the Lord” in such an amazing way!

Our dear Staff members here at Mission Central had the honor of praying for Phil and here you see our dear Pam Kovarna on the left, and Phil in the middle and dear Sonya Sexton on the right.  Phil wanted everyone to see his special “honorary hat” given by the village people as a special award….like the “key to the city” where he is teaching in West Africa.  It was a very, very special day.