It was one of those VERY, VERY SPECIAL MISSION FESTIVALS, THAT WE WILL NEVER, NEVER FORGET.  The Honorable Missionary Rev. Dean A. Hanson scheduled a special “Joint Mission Festival” with the congregations that he has the privilege of serving at Grace Lutheran Church at Pleasanton, Nebraska and Faith Lutheran Church at Hazard, Nebraska. That date was August 23rd, 2020, and then the MIRACLE happened at Faith Lutheran at Hazard, Nebraska.

What a JOY and privilege for old Missionary Gary to give his mission report to this group of very, very NOT NORMAL people that God sent to this service.  We talked about one of our newest Missionary couples, Justin and Jordan Logston, whom God has called to the country of Belize!  It was announced that any gifts given on this mission Sunday would go to help this young couple to go to this land of darkness and help with the first Lutheran Church that has been established there, and also to help with the first Lutheran School there!

In the pictures, it was a time when the Holy Spirit was present and notice the amazing lighting that suddenly flooded the church, and the congregation was so moved that this group of people provided gifts that totaled nearly $6,000.00 for the dear Logston Family!!!

I know that the Logston family will cry, when they hear this good news, and we are praying that they might go in person to thank these amazing congregations!

In the pictures you will see 3 people that are having birthdays this week, Old Missionary Gary, Pastor Hanson and our little friend Kenna!!!!  Also, you will see our dear friend Missionary Pastor Hanson in full action speaking to the congregation.

It was a day we all will long, long remember!  It was like coming home, because this congregation was filled with love, happiness, and they are truly a part of OUR REAL FAMILY!