Not Normal Griebel family comes to Mission Central

Who in the world would come from Owatonna, Minnesota, Kansas City, Missouri, and Madrid Spain on the 30th of December?  It was cold and icy, and many normal people would sure not travel to the hills of Western Iowa in these conditions.  But, here we go again, and God calls his NOT NORMAL people to HIS Mission Central at “just the right time”!!!

Yes, The Honorable Missionary Family of Rev. Kirk and Susan Griebel came for a special tour of the Lord’s Mission Central.  Old Missionary Gary provided the tour of the Ministry Center and the Lord’s Creation Theater, and the Honorable Rev. Dr. Brent Smith led the family through the Barn Museum and closed with the family in prayer at the Little Wayside Prayer Chapel!

Here you see this entire family in our office at Mission Central with our Boss in the background blessing this family!  It was a special day and all of the adults and children will never, never forget their trip to this MIRACLE PLACE!