I knew the minute I talked to these dear friends, that they were NOT NORMAL and were truly “part of my real family”…  Jesus truly lived in their hearts and that they REALLY GOT IT!

Bob and Janice Anderson from Ames, Iowa made a special trip to this place in the hills of Western Iowa!  They wanted to see what God could do with an old set of farm buildings!  They had not been here before and this was their FIRST trip to the Lord’s Mission Central!

Dr. Bob Anderson told old Missionary Gary about his “journey” in this life and how the Lord truly always brought the right people at the right place at “just the right time”.  Dr. Anderson has been closely involved in the development of the Iowa State Extension Services of the Iowa State University at Ames, Iowa.  His education, experiences, and work record is absolutely amazing, and spans the entire United States of America.  It is rare to find people like this special couple.  Bob worked for some of the most important and LARGEST corporations in the entire United States, at the highest level of management.

This dear family has been involved with the Gideons International Organization and have traveled extensively around the world.  They are wonderful supporters of the Lord’s Mission Central and are members of the Memorial Lutheran Church in Ames, Iowa.

It was a day we will never, never forget, and WHAT A BLESSING TO HAVE FAMILY MEMBERS LIKE THE ANDERSON FAMILY!  Here you see them at the office of Old Missionary Gary with our Boss in the background.