Not Normal couple from Hooper comes to Mission Central

March 21st, 2020 was a day that we were to have 4 congregations bringing people here to the Lord’s Mission Central!  A day for seeing the Rev. Jon and Anita Clausing and their family, our dear missionaries from Tanzania, was planned, however, with their 9 children their family of 11 members, EXCEEDED the 10 person limit, so they had to cancel this event, as well as all the members from the 4 congregations that were scheduled to come!  Was it a day of disappointment?…NO, OH NO!

Two very NOT NORMAL people still wanted to come, and what a wonderful day to be together with the Lord Jesus, old Missionary Gary and special missionaries Lynn and Jeanine Moeller from Hooper, Nebraska who came!  It was a day we will never, never forget!  They are members of Trinity Lutheran Church at Fremont, Nebraska, where Pastor Gerber and Pastor Heuer are the shepherds of the flock.  Old Missionary Gary spoke there on March 7th and 8th, and these were people who never heard of Mission Central, and wanted so badly to come and see what the Lord can do with an old set of farm buildings in the middle of nowhere!

I could tell immediately on meeting them that they were NOT NORMAL, and that’s the only kind of people I want to deal with at this point in the journey we call life!  They enjoyed their tour of ALL of the facilities here at this MIRACLE PLACE!

Here you see Lynn and Jeanine in our “trademark” spot, with our Boss in the background.  What a special encouragement to have these dear friends come and spend their time here in this world that is now so filled with fear and terror!