Not Normal couple from Aurora, Colorado visits Mission Central













It was snowing….the weatherman was calling for snow, and not good conditions on the road.  Normal people would not have left the interstate to drive their way out into the middle of nowhere in Western Iowa to an old set of farm buildings in conditions like that!

But, Old Missionary Gary found out that Don and Elaine Berlinski from Aurora, Colorado were definitely NOT NORMAL.  They wanted to see in person what the Lord can do with 98 Volunteers, and an old set of farm buildings.

Don and Elaine, many years ago gave their hearts and their lives to serving the Lord Jesus as special Lutheran School teachers, so that they had the privilege of “training missionaries” in the classroom each day.  What a blessing to see the thousands of students that they were able to “mold” into missionaries for our Savior.

They took the time and effort to drive to Mission Central and see, not what old Missionary Gary has done…BUT, WHAT GOD HAS DONE AT THIS MIRACLE PLACE!

What a JOY it was to have them see the offices, the old hog house, the Ministry Center, and the new Creation Theater….and then to see where the Word Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us…in the Barn.  To see the reminder in the altar of Jesus last words of Mark 16:15 “Go into ALL the world and preach the Good News to all creation….”

Then the final part of their tour was at the little wayside Prayer Chapel, where they received a special gift from old Missionary Gary.  A final prayer and then this NOT NORMAL couple were on their way to tell others what the Lord can do with a group of “unschooled” people who are NOT NORMAL!

Here you see this NOT NORMAL couple in front of our Bosses picture here at the World Famous Mission Central.