It truly was one of those very, very, very special days.  For folks to leave at 6:30AM and then travel from Kansas all the way to a place in the middle of nowhere in the hills of Western Iowa on a bus….YOU KNOW THAT THEY HAVE TO BE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT NORMAL!


Mission Central has a wonderful partnership with folks in Kansas called the Northeast Kansas Partnership.  It is made up of congregations in Kansas who want to do something in the Lord’s Mission!  This group was put together with the help of Veteran Missionary Dr. Marvin Kohlmeier and is wife Karen.  This group also worked with Rev. Dr. Brent Smith, co-worker with old Missionary Gary at Mission Central.  What a blessing it was to have this wonderful group of folks come and spend the day at Mission Central. 


They had a chance to see the Wayside Prayer Chapel, the offices, the Creation Theater, and Barn Museum and they were fed by one of our Volunteer Meal Preparer Groups from Anthon, Iowa in our Ministry Center.  After the meal, Sharon Meyer asked Missionary Gary….”Are we going to see missionaries and what they are doing?…that’s the reason I came!!”…what a blessing to be able to tell the story of our missionaries, and we featured our new missionaries, Rev. Anthony DiLiberto and his family who just have a NEW CALLING to Puerto Rico!


It truly was a day we will long remember, and it is our hope that these folks will NEVER forget this special trip!  Here you see this group being fed, and also at the sign and in the Creation Theater….you will see their bus that brought them here also.