New post from missionary Erin Mackenzie

New post from missionary Erin Mackenzie

Work Up North

Posted: 21 Aug 2020 06:11 PM PDT

One of my missionary colleagues has a section in each of his newsletters entitled “Work Up North.” (He divides his time between Ascension Lutheran Church, a multicultural SELC congregation in Montreal, and several Caribbean islands, so there’s another section entitled – you guessed it – “Work Down South.”)
Last week at this time, I was preparing for some Saturday morning work up north (in Costambar, on the DR’s northern coast) of my own, namely the Montreal virtual FORO. It was an educational few hours for me, as I knew admittedly little about Ascension’s many bridges into its community, how the saints there have weathered COVID-19, and what could be on the horizon given the right mix of human and financial resources; short-term volunteers would contribute on both fronts. 
I didn’t make the hour-long drive just for the spotty WiFi, though. By the time the FORO ended, Jamielynn’s bridal shower was in full swing!
Maid of Honor Tirzah outdid herself hosting a lovely beach house brunch for most of the DR ladies. I somehow won two of the party games for a) amassing the most points in “What’s on Your Phone?”; and b) having a sticker on the bottom of my dessert plate. 
Seeing as how I had the house booked Sunday through Tuesday, Tirzah graciously let me crash Saturday instead of driving back. She, Jamielynn, and a few others then joined me for one or both of the next two nights so I didn’t have to spend my mini-vacation alone. 
I did spend much of my mini-vacation like this, though. I also finished my latest book, putting me over 4,000 summer reading program pages logged. 
Danelle made an epic charcuterie board for a seaside dinner on Sunday night. 
I noticed in the middle of playing cards (Skull King – new to me!) later that night that Tirzah evidently liked my outfit so much she wanted to twin with me. 
By Monday night, it was just Kate & I. We took a picnic dinner up to one of the house’s three balconies. 
I got back to Santiago on Tuesday with enough time to unpack before my Mission Central presentation. Then: baking. One gluten free, dairy free Harry Potter birthday cake coming right up! 

#youknowyouliveinthecaribbeanwhen your cake starts melting at room temperature!
And now it’s wedding weekend! The civil ceremony was this afternoon so technically Jamielynn and Rafael, a Venezuelan seminary student, are already married, but I’m beyond excited to watch them pledge their faithfulness before God tomorrow (day 165, if you were wondering) and then celebrate as brothers and sisters in Christ. 
Until next time, blessings!