By Old Missionary Gary

We get to see REAL MIRACLES here at the Lord’s Mission Central.  Yes, at this place in the middle of “nowhere” in the hills of Western Iowa, the Lord brings the “right people at the right place at just the right time”!  That’s what happened when we were called to put in a new parking lot here!  

Old Missionary Gary did a lot of checking around and found that the name Barkley Asphalt of Sioux City, Iowa was regarded as having the best reputation and the great thing…. they were Christian people who  attend St. Michaels Catholic Church in Sioux City, Iowa.  Gary contacted Matt Barkley, the son of the founder of the company, and he came down and indicated that they were willing to “do the job”.  

When the project started, I expected to have one of their workers begin the work, and what happened…the Owner and Founder of the company, the honorable Dr. Bill Barkely came down and jumped on the maintainer and immediately went to work!  Bill worked like a slave for days and what a blessing to see a man who is 75 years old working so hard, and I even took a picture of him next to the road grader, which is attached.  After days of work, Bill had it ready for the “rest of the family” to come down and worked with the gravel fill, packing, and then providing the 4 inches of asphalt, and then the finish coat of 2 inches, providing the best parking lot we could have asked for!  

What is really great about this story, most of the workers are family members and it was like working with a great big family!  No one could ask for a better job, and all of the workers and family were so interested in the museums here and the story of the 6th day of creation in our new Creation Theater.  Bill promised to bring his whole family down here for a special tour and program (I hope Lori, the Executive Secretary comes too)…and we look forward to seeing the entire family come down for a special tour!  I took a picture of the four family workers, Jack and his son, Dale, and George See, who ran the packer for hours and hours!  They let me take their picture next to the packer, with George at his normal spot!  

This parking lot project was another answer to prayer, and the Lord sent the Barkley Boys to come at “just the right time”.   I know one thing for sure….the parking lot will still be here long after Old Missionary Gary is in heaven with the Lord Jesus!  I would recommend the BARKLEY ASPHALT COMPANY TO ANYONE WHO IS THINKING ABOUT ASPHALT WORK OF ANY KIND!  What a wonderful example of a Christian Family willing to work and put out a great product!