Yes, what a BLESSING to welcome our newest missionary Iowa District West’s very own Missionary Teacher, the Honorable Missionary Barbara Rebentisch who was born, raised and attended Lutheran School at our Zion Lutheran School at Paullina, Iowa!!

Barb is the daughter of missionary Arnold Hibbing, and his late wife Wanda.  Arnold was a missionary in Africa and provided some wonderful artifacts for the Lord Barn Museum at the Lord’s Mission Central!

Missionary Rebentisch came to the Lord’s Mission Central on August 8th, and spent the day in intensive missionary training.  After a weeks orientation in St. Louis this lady was NOT afraid to drive over 8 hours to come to visit this MIRACLE PLACE and receive special training from old missionary Gary! Yes, she was willing to spend an additional FIVE hours in training and education…..ONLY TRULY “NOT NORMAL” PEOPLE WOULD BE WILLING TO MAKE THAT KIND OF SACRIFICE!!!!

Here you see our dear Iowa West Missionary, Barb, in Gary’s office in front of our Boss, who is totally in charge of all things here!  The Pandemic did NOT STOP BARB FROM COMING HERE…and what a JOY to have her here.  Her interview was truly an answer to prayer, and she told of how God has called her….NOT TO A JOB…but, God has “gifted” this dear missionary lady who spent 17 years in Taiwan, where she learned the Manderin Language….and now she will be able to teach Sunday Schools and Bible Classes in the heart language of the people of Taiwan and Asia.

Barb is just starting her “journey” to raise her funding.  If the Holy Spirit touches your heart to pray for and support this dear new missionary, it would be a blessing to hear from you!!!  PLEASE DO PRAY FOR BARB, because she is truly NOT NORMAL!   We look forward to hearing from you!