Neuendorf (Puerto Rico) Update – August 2022

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During one of our recent evening prayer services, I grabbed one of the bibles from the pew to read from because I had left my own in my office. When I opened it, a note written on the inside cover caught my eye, it had been written by one of our church members. 

It reads, “This is the word of God.” On the back cover they had also written a second note which (correcting for some grammatical and spelling mistakes) means something to the effect of, “study this at church and with your family.” I think that this little inscription, in all its simplicity, is beautiful evidence of the great wisdom that our Lord gives through the most astonishing of packages. 

The same “wise and powerful” people who might laugh at the little inscription and its errors, laugh even more at the words contained between the covers on which it is written. God’s Word is an absurdity to them, just as our faith is something to be ridiculed and mocked. In the eyes of the world, we are fools, and our crucified Lord who will not even use his almighty power to force His own people believe in Him is the greatest fool of all. 

Yet God really does, as the Apostle Paul writes, “use the foolish things of this world to shame the wise.” Recently the members of our congregation have begun to show the fruits of the Holy Spirit which are giving them the impulse to share their faith with others, and we will soon be finishing our Bible class on Acts and beginning to work through an evangelism training. The training will focus on their role as witnesses of God’s work in the Gospel and loving invitation to hear and believe for their salvation.

Still, as valuable as the training is likely to be, it is beautiful to see that our people already know what so many of the wise and understanding do not, and are the best possible instruments that God has chosen to share it; “This is the Beloved Son of God, come for your salvation and mine, here is His Word preached for you! Come and listen to Him.”

We have been having fellowship on Friday nights for over a year now, but never really with a full functioning kitchen until recently! This has opened up great opportunities for members and friends of the church to use their cooking gifts! 

Member, Luis, often grills for us but recently his dad who is a very good cook, made us his special beans (the recipe includes pumpkin!). 

From the beginning, we have always emphasized to the members that this is “THEIR” church, not ours or some other institution’s church. They are the church, they belong here, and this is their house. It’s been such a blessing for people to take ownership of the buildings while leading and serving their fellow members and friends. 

In July we received the new Spanish Hymnal! This has been ten years in the making! There are over 1000 hymns along with the orders of worship. It’s truly been a labor of love from many people in Latin America as well as North America.

We are grateful to Lutheran Heritage Foundation for sending us our own copies for the congregations here in PR!

After s Summer break, English as a Second Language classes are back in action! This year, we added another level (Fundamentals). Missionary Ashley Lehr is teaching this class in Ponce. Ashley has helped out with many logistics and administration in the past for ESL, but now she is teaching! 

In August, we had the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family for some very special events. Our close friends, Diana and Casey were married on August 5th. It was a special blessing to be with everyone from college again. It had been over 15 years since we all had been together in the same room. God is good.

On August 14th, James’ dad, Don Neuendorf, retired from the Office of the Holy Ministry having served over 36 years in three congregations. We praise and give thanks to God for his service.

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We are tremendously thankful for our Mission Senders. They give us the blessing of continous encourgament and financial support. 

  • English Classes – that they continue to be an opportunity for learning and sharing of the Gospel.
  • Catechism Classes – one more to go!

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