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Mission Moments- East Africa
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A street in Moshi, TZ with Mt Kilimanjaro in the background. Special thanks to Shara Osiro for sharing her photography talent and pictures.



Healing for the Body and Soul…
Mercy Medical Teams

June is a popular month for tourism in East Africa. In fact, it starts the “High Season” known for higher numbers of people and higher costs on tourist attractions. However, not everyone comes to East Africa just to see the wild animals. A group of 11 LCMS folks from around the US arrived in Moshi, Tanzania on June 15 to serve as a medical team. As the week went on, it felt like this team had worked and laughed together for years. God brought all the necessary gifts together for His work to be done.

Daily the team traveled over an hour each way to a remote village of Kahe.  The Lutheran Church in East Africa partnered with us and the local health department to host a free medical camp – we call them Mercy Medical Teams.  It was obvious that something big was happening in this village as folks came to see what was going on. Each morning the crowd waiting for us grew in number.

Each guest starts the clinic process by hearing a Gospel presentation about God’s love for them. Then, they were checked for vital signs, nurses took their medical history, Doctors examined, labs are taken, wounds are treated, and many left with the medication they need.  While they wait patiently, the crowds talk and laugh together.

The host congregation and area Pastors served as hosts and interpreters. The local villagers got connected to the congregation and its members, as well as the local health care providers from the closest clinics and hospitals.

One of the many highlights for this team was the daily morning prayers with the gathered crowds before the work began. It was a wonderful way to share the reason everyone was there. Another highlight was an emergency baptism of a sick baby before we took him and his mother to the hospital for treatment. What an honor to witness the child becoming part of God’s kingdom, and our family of believers before our eyes.


1.  Dr Emmanuel jokes with a young boy to help him feel comfortable. 
2.  Krista praying with a young girl wearing a Hijab while she waits for medications. 
3.  Pastor Charles Miller (Team Chaplin), local Pastors, Mother and baby after the Baptism. They gave him the Christian name Mark like one of the team members. 
4.  An event like an MMT needs many hands working together: the whole team of medical providers, LCEA church leaders, and American volunteers. 
5. The Fearless Leaders:  Kimberly Pepmiller – Team leader from USA, Shara Osiro, EA Deputy and Communications, and Sarah Kanoy, EA Health Educator.  Praise God for this wonderful group of people that Krista is blessed to work with. 



I am sorry to report that the three ELCK youth who were hoping to attend the NYG were not able to get their travel visas approved and therefore cannot travel to the US with us. Please keep Collins, Benson, Pamela; their families and churches in prayer. 

Although we don’t always understand the outcomes, we trust that God has all things in His hands.  






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Prayers and Praises:
  • Pray for the people of Kahe who were given medical care, and that the Gospel they heard will take root in their hearts. Especially baby Mark who was Baptized and his family.
  • Pray for the American volunteers, Local health providers, and LCEA leaders who gave so much of themselves during the MMT.
  • Please pray for the ELCK youth; Collins, Benson, and Pamela as they see what God has prepared for them.
  • Please pray for our partner church bodies who are boldly sharing the Gospel in difficult circumstances.
  • We thank God for wonderful team mates and collogues.
  • Please keep our family in prayer during transitions as half of us live across the ocean from the other half.
  • We thank God for your support, encouragement, and prayers for us. We could not do this work without your partnership; and we are so grateful.
How can we pray for you?
Please share with us your prayers and concerns so we can lift each other up in prayer
Family Update: Sydney was able to come home for Grace’s’ High School Graduation. We had a wonderful time celebrating together. Sydney has returned to the U of MO to continue her studies in Journalism. Grace has moved to the Kansas City area to live with a dear friend of ours, Georgia Witt. Grace plans to start classes in January after earning some spending money and getting her drivers license.

While everyone was here, we moved into a smaller house; we are now within walking distance of Joel’s school. We still have a guest room – so you are welcome anytime!


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