Missionaries Glesmann and Holste visit Mission Central

It was about 20 years ago when Old Missionary Gary met Herb and Marianne Glesmann in Omaha, Nebraska at their church.  As soon as Gary met them he knew immediately that they were NOT NORMAL!  This special friendship began and over the years it has only gotten stronger and stronger.

Now, you have to know that now Herb and Marianne reside near Marco Island, Florida, and you just have to be NOT NORMAL to fly all the way from Florida to come to visit an old set of farm buildings located 2 miles east of Mapleton, Iowa in the middle of a soybean field!  But, that’s exactly what happened on the 24th of September 2018!

Herb and Marianne flew into Omaha and were picked up by their neighbor when they lived in Omaha, the honorable Barry Holste.  Barry is also a dear friend, who came and helped to wire a new building on the Mission Central property.  Barry drove them up to Mission Central, and they enjoyed a special tour together.

Herb and Marianne have been such a blessing for the Lord’s Mission Central over the years.  They brought their ladders and all the equipment and donated the items and installed the lighting system in the barn and installed their fans in the barn, and worked on their remote lighting system for our barn presentations.

These dear friends have been the reason we have been able to “keep on working” at this MIRACLE PLACE.  God places people like Herb, Marianne and Barry in our path in this journey we call life…to keep us encouraged and going day after day!

They wanted to come “one more time” to see the Lord’s Creation Theater, which the Lord gave to us here at HIS Mission Central.

What a JOY to have them come for this special visit, and we had a chance to pray together in our little wayside prayer chapel before they left, and here you see these dear, dear special Missionary Friends in front of our Boss in the chapel.  It was a day we will never, never forget.  What great memories, and we know for certain we will see them later!  These are people we love much more than they realize!