Martin and Marie Dicke – Papua New Guinea Newsletter Update 02/01/2018

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Dear Partners in the Gospel,
A new school year is beginning in Papua New Guinea. Please click this link for our January 2018 Newsletter.
Please pray for…
• the family and friends of a little girl by the name of Mona Lisa from Tsak Raiagam who was killed on Monday. She was planting some peanuts in her family garden when a big windstorm came up and blew down a tree. The tree landed on her and killed her instantly. Her “krai” and funeral is this week.
• all the children, teachers, and administrators of the schools in Papua New Guinea as a new school year begins.
• Rev. Ron Rall who is recovering from surgery. He regularly visits PNG with his wife MaryAnn.
• the five new pastors of the Gutnius Lutheran Church (see our latest newsletter).
• all the pastors, evangelists, and churches of the Gutnius Lutheran Church, that they be faithful in their proclamation of our salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.
• the continuing battle in Papua New Guinea against Accusation Based Violence (Sanguma) and protection and healing for the victims.
• protection and rich spiritual blessing upon our missionaries in PNG and the people they serve.
• for all our LCMS missionaries in Asia and for the search for a new Business Manager for our region.
• additional donors to join our Support Network so that we can continue our mission work here in the Enga Province of Papua New Guinea.
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In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Martin and Marie Dicke
+675 7049 2615