Mantey (Uganda) Update – April 2022

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March & April, 2022

Serving the Lord in Uganda
News from Mark & Megan Mantey

“Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who empowers them all in everyone. To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.” 

~ 1 Corinthians 12:4-7

DCE Megan and Rev. James Odoo sharing a word of encouragement with congregants at Akia Lutheran in northern Uganda

A Life of Stewardship

One of our great joys in ministry is serving alongside the Lutheran Church of Uganda (LCU) pastors and visiting with seminary students in their home regions. The two-week Easter break allowed Megan and our two colleagues, Rev. Volmir da Rocha, and Rev. Daniel Martins Silva, to travel to northern Uganda. The local dean and pastor, Rev. James Odoo, invited the missionaries to lead a seminar on stewardship for the two congregations near Lira, Uganda. 

Our visit also allowed us time to visit with recent graduates, Vicar Isaac Ojok, Vicar Stephen Ogwal, and current student Vicar Ray Otim. Visiting and spending time with them in their homes is a great honor. It also shares the message that they are vital to the ministry, and they are supported by their church body and the visiting missionaries. We were grateful to travel with the Bishop, Rev. Charles Bameka, who shared words of encouragement with each congregational family and student we visited. 

The seminar on stewardship allowed the missionaries to support the Lutheran Church of Uganda as they strive to teach leaders about stewardship. The congregants were enthusiastic about participating. They were knowledgeable and shared that all we have comes from the Lord. They also shared how influential it was to know that we are God’s managers and caretakers of the resources He gives us. All participants were eager to learn more about the gifts and abilities the Holy Spirit has given his church and how they can use those gifts to glorify the Lord. We are grateful for our time working alongside the LCU in northern Uganda. May the Holy Spirit continue to grow his church there.

Mark and Megan on Easter Sunday at Nakabango Lutheran Church

Life & Ministry Update

We are grateful we could connect with our missionary colleagues in Hurghada, Egypt for our annual retreat.

Ambassadors of Reconciliation, a Recognized Service Organization (RSO) within the LCMS, led our retreat. Dwight Schettler, the President of Ambassadors of Reconciliation, taught us more about Biblical reconciliation using Scripture and the 6 Chief Parts of the Small Catechism as our guide. This year was the first opportunity to have a programmed retreat since 2019. 

We also learned how to coach people through conflict, focusing on Biblical reconciliation and restoring relationships. We are grateful to continue the learning through the ability to meet online with Dwight for our practicums to gain comfortability in these skills. This learning adds importance to our relationships with our families, co-workers, and the church bodies we work with daily. 

To learn more about Ambassadors of Reconciliation work throughout the world, please visit 


We spent Easter at our home congregation at Nakabango Lutheran Church, just outside of Jinja. We were thankful to worship with friends and colleagues, as we celebrated Christ’s resurrection. This was our first opportunity to worship on Easter Sunday in an in-person congregational setting in two years. We rejoice that whatever the circumstances, the Lutheran Church of Uganda pastors preach Christ crucified and that Christ’s victory over death is won.

Please Pray for:

  • The people in northern Uganda, especially the congregants and seminary students we interacted with in Lira
  • LTCU students as they return from Easter break and prepare for the end of the semester
  • The LTCU faculty and staff as they work together to serve at the seminary
  • The LTCU students, faculty, and staff as they grieve the earthly loss of several loved ones
  • Health and safety as we serve

Give thanks for:

  • Rev. James Odoo, Vicar Isaac Ojok, Vicar Stephen Ogwal, and Vicar Ray Otim as they serve in northern Uganda
  • The opportunity for missionaries to gather in Hurghada, Egypt for our annual regional retreat
  • The LCMS Africa region missionaries as we live alongside and serve God’s people

Joyfully Serving Jesus, Mark & Megan 

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