Mantey (Africa) Update – July & August 2022

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July & August, 2022

Serving the Lord in Africa
News from Mark & Megan Mantey

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” 

~ 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Rev. Dr. Yohana Nzelu (standing left) from the SCLVD (ELCT Diocese) in Tanzania teaches Lutheran doctrine to pastors, evangelists and deaconesses from the LMA-STH in Rwanda. Bishop Selestine Seburikoko (standing right) serves as translator.

Gather Together 

In our last newsletter, we shared that our positions within LCMS International Missions changed as of July. We definitely “hit the ground running” during the past two months. One of these new opportunities allowed Megan to travel to Rwanda to connect with the Lutheran Mission in Africa – Synod of a Thousand Hills (LMA-STH) for a continuing education seminar. 

It is often difficult for pastors and church leaders in Africa to gather for fellowship and continuing education. Various obstacles often prohibit this, but the need is great. It is vital for church leaders and pastors to meet so that they can grow in the faith, study the Word, and support one another in life and ministry. 

The Rev. Selestine Seburikoko, bishop of the LMA-STH, values opportunities for pastors, evangelists, and seminary students to gather together so they may “be of one mind” and continue to receive training and education. Since they are a younger Lutheran church body, it also gives them the needed time to discuss best practices and strategies for sharing the Gospel for their growing churches and communities.

During August, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana (ELCG) was also able to host a conference for their pastors. Megan is thankful she can work with church leaders throughout Africa to help coordinate and plan these opportunities. We are grateful the LCMS can partner together for these critical efforts of teaching and training. 

Photo: Shara Osiro
Mark shares with new missionaries at the Africa Field Orientation

Life & Ministry Update

Africa Region Field Orientation and Onboarding

This summer, we received five missionary families from Brazil, Kenya, and the United States. These missionaries serve in various roles in Ethiopia, South Africa, and Tanzania. We were able to go to the orientation to meet our new colleagues and share about business and care ministries for our field. It was a joy to meet the new missionaries and share their burdens of leaving the familiar and entering the unknown. We also share in their excitement of serving Christ by serving others as missionaries in Africa. 

Mark was able to travel to Ethiopia to help two missionary families during the first few crucial days of being in their new home. It is a significant opportunity to walk alongside new friends and colleagues as they gain familiarity in their new country. Sometimes, the hands-on help of getting SIM cards for phones, talking to maintenance specialists, and buying furniture for a house can help make the new destination a home.


It is home service time again! This means we have the opportunity to travel back to the United States to share updates with our ministry partners (you)! This is especially important since accepting new positions. Of course, we will still give updates on the Lord’s work in Uganda too. 

Please check out the dates and locations in this newsletter to see how we can best connect. We can schedule a Zoom gathering if we are not in your area. We are also grateful to add some intentional time to process and prepare for the following years of service.

Home Service Schedule

We look forward to connecting with many people this Fall. Here is a snapshot of where we will be:

  • September 19-23 – St. Louis, Missouri
  • September 24-28 – Shawano and Racine, Wisconsin
  • September 29-October 4 – Minneapolis and Mankato, Minnesota
  • October 5-16 – Eastern Nebraska and western Iowa 
  • **October 15 – Mission Central in Mapleton, Iowa**
  • October 22-November 2 – Billings, Montana

Please note that we are still scheduling dates for Colorado and northwestern Montana. 

Will we be in your area? Let’s try and connect!

Please Pray for:

  • The LTCU in Uganda as they started a new school year with one of its larger intakes of first-year students since COVID-19
  • The LMA-STH as they learn, grow, and share the Word of God
  • Our new missionary colleagues as they get acclimated to their service in Ethiopia, South Africa, and Tanzania
  • The Manteys and LCU during a time of transition
  • Health and safety as we travel during home service

Give thanks for:

  • The daily work and ministry of the church bodies we work with in Africa, as they tirelessly share the love of Christ
  • The LCMS Africa region missionaries as we live alongside and serve God’s people
  • The opportunity to share about God’s work in Africa with our friends, family, and partners in the US

Joyfully Serving Jesus, Mark & Megan 

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