LWML Group from Lincoln comes to Mission Central


August 4th, 2018 was such a busy, busy day.  What a blessing to welcome Rev. Arthur Rickman, our new missionary going to Panama.  We had a HUGE group of people that came to the Lord’s Mission Central on this Saturday.  Yes, from all over the mid-west, and these NOT NORMAL people came to have a tour of the Lord’s Creation Theater and the Barn Museum, and also to hear from our new missionary.

The Honorable Missionary, Dr. Jeanne Krutz, President of the Lincoln Zone LWML was the leader of an amazing group of NOT NORMAL people who came to spend the day!

What a blessing to have this wonderful group of ladies come to hear not what we have done here at the Lord’s Mission Central, but what the Lord has done here at this place in the middle of “nowhere”.

Here you see this wonderful group of LWML ladies in front of the Mission Central sign.  What a blessing to have them come and spend the day!  It was truly one of those days we will never, never forget.