Loum_The Gambia_Jun2020

Greetings in Christ,


Quite to share what I believe appears giving Covid 19 pandemic in the immediate measure creative means through social – media mission/ ministry. I honestly would be the first to acknowledge that the devil without doubt would find its ugly ways wishing to messes up our Lord’s triumphant -victorious work/ ministry and, especially in the context a predominantly [ well over 95% Muslim country. Matt. 16:17-19, that said, in Africa we have a song ” Jesus is a winner”.


Therefore as a native – born-bred Gambia who is well connected, knows the culture literally people high places plus Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit all I need are the tools will get the job done in Jesus mighty name. Please, please I ask you pray for my family I especially because we do have the resistant lazy group on the ground. Thanks, blessings.




Rev. John Loum

BA, Hons, Oxon, MA, Islam, PhD

Director – EIIT

Concordia Seminary

801 Seminary Place

St. Louis, MO 63105