Over the years we have had many, many families that have come together with their families for a tour of Mission Central.  However, NEVER had we had 32 people come from all over the entire mid-west at one time from the same family.

Yes, on July 15th, 2021, we had the entire Marvin and Janice Koehler family come from Osmond, Nebraska.  That’s where Marvin and Janice raised their family….and recently Janice Koehler was called to her real home, and Marvin wanted all of his family to come and have a special tour in memory of Janice.

Wow, what a turn out of 32 people, on this special day, and here you see the Koehler Family in front of the sign and we got the entire group of 32 people in the little chapel to set the record for the most people in the chapel!!!  It was a special and even the Koehler grandchildren got to dress up in the barn.