Lakefield, Minnesota visitors come to Mission Central

Many, many, many years ago Old Missionary Gary met Dale and Mary Hedstrom when they were serving as missionaries for the LCMS in Bangkok, Thailand.  Dale came back to the United States and went to the seminary and became a pastor for Jesus.  Pastor Hedstrom, his dear wife Mary and each one of their children have been like family to us here at Mission Central.

On June 19th, 2018, Rev. Hedstrom and his youth and adult members of St. Peter Lutheran Church of Lakefield, Minnesota came to visit us at Mission Central and spent an entire afternoon.  What a JOY to have them come and see the offices, the Creation Theater and the Barn Museum!  The added blessing was the fact that they had the honor of seeing the Vanderhyde Family who are on their way to Sri Lanka.

Here you see this group of NOT NORMAL people from Minnesota at the Mission Central sign and in the Creation Theater.