Krista and Joel Young – Kenya – April 2019

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Please pray for the Kenyan Youth planning to attend the LCMS National Youth Gathering:
Collins Kissinger Gwako
Benson Ltoponua Leshongoro
Pamela Cheptoo Pulonyang

If you can help, please send funds to:
Mt Calvary Lutheran Church
9321 Litzsinger Rd,
St. Louis, MO 63144, USA.  “NYG Kenya” in the memo line.

Phone: +1 314-968-2360

Kenyan Youth to Gathering
Every three years the LCMS Youth Ministry Office plans and hosts a National Youth Gathering for LCMS youth around the country. They invite all of their partner churches around the world. The experience is rich in helping young people understand their Lutheran identity and remind them they are not along in their faith walk. This year we are thrilled to work with our Partner Church: Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya (ELCK) to chaperone three of their youth to the LCMS Youth Gathering in July. The Gathering generously offers travel vouchers and discounted registration fees, however, the full amount for each youth will be close to $3000 a person with airfare, meals, travel within the US…

The Kenyan congregations that these youth attend are already stretched to help pay for their passport and visa costs, and all that they need to be ready to travel internationally for the first time.We would like to be able to tell the families and local congregations that all other expenses will be paid through the generous hearts within the LCMS.
If you are moved to help Benson, Collins and Pamela experience the NYG in a new country, please help offset their costs by sending checks made out to Mount Calvary Lutheran Church.  They will help us collect funds to sponsor the 3 youth. Any extra funds will be donated to the scholarships for the NYG future years.

If you plan to be at the Gathering, please let us know and we will introduce you to our friends.  

Please pray for the Kenyan Youth attend the LCMS National Youth Gathering.

Collins Kissinger Gwako
Benson Ltoponua Leshongoro
Pamela Cheptoo Pulonyang

If you can help, please send funds to:
Mt Calvary Lutheran Church
9321 Litzsinger Rd,
St. Louis, MO 63144, USA.  “NYG Kenya” in the memo line.

Phone: +1 314-968-2360

The Masindi Lutheran Church Youth Choir (Lutheran Church of Uganda) are very talented young people who praise God with traditional instruments. They are hoping to record their music for sales in the future. We were honored to share a few hymns with them.

Mercy Medical Team Preparations 

There is lots of behind the scenes work that happens to host a medical team. Krista is blessed to work with great teams here in East Africa and in St Louis. Some of the planning steps include:

  • Work with the local church leaders and Bishop to set the date a year in advance. 
  • St Louis team promotes the event and gets folks registered. Pictured are the Short-Term Team leaders who work at the LCMS International Center in St Louis, Anne Gonzalaz and Erin Alter. 
  • Six months before the event, travel to the destination and do a site visit. The local church picks an area of the country that they know need medical care, and where they can make an impact sharing the Gospel. 
  • A site needs to be within a day’s drive of the international airport, two hours or less from a safe guesthouse, in a remote area where health care is not available, a place where a local church exits to support the work and partner with the teams, and other stipulations. It is important that the medical camp can help promote the work of the local church, but does not conflict with local medical facilities already in existence. 
  • During the site visit, we agree with the local church leaders and bishop about the best site, meet with the head of the Medical Office in the region to arrange medical personal, arrange local housing, transport, and all logistics that need to be handled to prepare for the American volunteer team to arrive.

TIn March, Krista traveled to Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania to prepare for the medical team that will happen in June with the Lutheran Church of East Africa (LCEA). In April, she traveled to Masindi in northern Uganda to meet with the Lutheran Church of Uganda (LCU) about the medical camp that will happen in November.
While in Uganda, we traveled to four villages, met with the Regional Health officer, visited possible hotels, talked with local Pastors and church leaders to discern the best site for the medical camp. It was a challenge to see so many in desperate need, and we pray the church will continue to reach out to these communities with the hands of Jesus and His love

Krista works closely with missionary Sarah Kanoy, a nurse and our field Health Educator to ascertain the best locations and medical personnel for the medical camps. 

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Uganda Planing Team: Missionary Nurse Sarah Kanoy; Violet Nanono LCU Mission Coordinator; Krista; Rev Raymond Kaija LCU Dean of Midwestern Deanery; and Rev Odoo James Okello LCU Synod Coordinator.

Short-Term Team Coordinators who work at the LCMS International Center in St Louis, Anne Gonzalaz and Erin Alter.

There are many opportunities to serve as short-term or
GEO missionaries. Check
out the current list and download an application at Click on “Service Opportunities.”

Prayers and Praises:

  • ELCK youth Collins, Benson, and Pamela as they prepare to attend the LCMS Youth Gathering. 
  • For God to provide funds for Kenyan youth to attend the Gathering. 
  • We praise God for the East Africa Team, and the love and support we feel from other missionaries.
  • Please pray for the people suffering from severe drought conditions in East Africa. 
  • Pray for the people living in the villages we visited in Northern Uganda: Charmjara, Kigezi, Kiryampunu, Kemenzu, and Katumba.  
  • Thank God for the MMT program that focuses on sharing the Gospel with individuals while giving medical care. 
  • Please pray for our partner church bodies who are boldly sharing the Gospel in difficult circumstances.  
  • Praise God for the teaching opportunity for Joel – he has been hired to teach Eighth Grade Social Studies at West Nairobi Christian School starting in July 2019. 
  • We thank God for your support, encouragement, and prayers for us. 

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