Joanna Johnson – Taiwan – July 2019 Update


July 2019



Concluding my Two Years:

     I was called to Taiwan to serve as an English and Bible teacher for two years. In seemingly the blink of an eye, my two years has come to an end.

     My two years were filled with many blessings and challenges. One of the biggest challenges was learning how to be a teacher. It wasn’t easy, and I’ve learned only a fraction of all there is to learn on this subject. However, I have learned more and more the most important things: God provides. God uses our efforts. God guides us. God is in control. Our efforts are meager, and our motivations are imperfect, but God uses us to accomplish his will. We don’t know what we’re doing, and we can’t see what we’ve already done, but God knows everything all at once. We can trust Him.

     I’m not a missionary because I’m a super Christian. I’m a missionary because I serve a super God. He’s called me to do weird, surprising, and challenging things. He calls you to the same. My story, though perhaps very different from yours in the details, is the same as yours. God calls. God provides. God uses. God is faithful. This story will continue to be true in my life, in your life, and in Taiwan.

     I am overwhelmed by all of the captivating people I have had to say goodbye to. I will miss them all dearly. My students, my coworkers, my brothers and sisters in Christ, and my friends are what I’ll remember and miss most about Taiwan. God has made amazing people, and He calls us into each other’s lives. What a blessing! What an honor! What a God!

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