Jastram (Japan) Update – March 2022

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“Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil” (liturgical verse for the first Sunday in Lent, Ephesians 6:11).

God’s Word Our Armor

Lent is a season for self-examination, repentance, and growth in faith and life. Each year at the start of this season, we remind ourselves that when Jesus suffered forty days of temptation from Satan in the wilderness, he used the full armor of God from the armory of God’s Word: “It is written. . . , it is written. . . , it is written. . . .” 

     In Japanese culture, one sees finely crafted examples of body armor for protection against attacks of the enemy. One also sees numerous guardian-dog statues for protection against damaging forces of the spirit world in nature. However, the true armor and protective power of God’s Word is also evident in Japan wherever it is preached, taught, and administered through Word and Sacrament.

An Okinawa Shisa, Guardian Beast

   One recent notable example of the power of God’s Word at work came to light during our recent Okinawa visit. We were there to provide LCMS sacramental services to military and civilian personnel. Among those present for worship and catechesis we found a visiting Presbyterian family and heard their story. They related that, while visiting Okinawa a year ago on vacation from Tokyo, they had searched for a conservative, liturgical worship service based solidly on God’s Word and they found the LCMS group in Okinawa and visited their worship service. Subsequent to that experience, they decided to move to Okinawa about four months ago and to settle in the neighborhood of both the Presbyterian congregation and the LCMS group so that they would have God’s Word regularly preached, taught, and administered in Word and Sacrament. The LCMS conservative practice of faith and life in worship impressed them to the point that they asked to be included as non-communicants in our LCMS sacramental service recognizing that while they still have a fundamental commitment to the Presbyterian church, they would like to be a conservative influence in the midst of liberal tendencies within their own church body.

Ministry Update with Prayer and Praise

  • thanksgiving for the LCMS wedding service successfully accomplished at our Yokohama chapel site for Clara and Nick with a large number of visiting friends and acquaintances as well as Asian relatives online witnessing the Lutheran, Christ-centered worship despite COVID–19 restrictions; some of them were surprised to “hear about Jesus in a wedding service”
  • thanksgiving for progress in Lutheran Resource translation work: basic translation of Walther’s Law and Gospel completed with a newly composed introduction in Japanese; beginning the new translation project of Walther’s Church and Ministry


  • thanksgiving for the LCMS International Development Grant that funded our translation project of Walther’s Law and Gospel


  • thanksgiving for the new LCMS web page posting of LCMS worship opportunities in Japan 


  • comfort for loved ones at the death of David Jastram, older brother of Daniel

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