HUGE crowd comes to Mission Central!


It truly was one of those special MIRACLE DAYS!  When the Lord sent us Jim, Carol and Pete Segebart to help design and build the new Creation Theater, we NEVER had any idea that such HUGE, HUGE crowds would be coming!!!  We should have built it BIGGER!

Yes, on April the 7th we had over 200 people that came to visit this MIRACLE PLACE!  We didn’t have enough seating in the new Creation Theater so we had to SPLIT the group and make TWO presentations!

On this special day the Lord sent us NOT NORMAL PEOPLE from Kansas, South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska who came to hear from 3 new missionaries, and we prayed for them.  The guests were all able to hear the reports and see the new Creation Theater also.  The barn was packed completely full!

What a JOY to welcome all of these special Christian Friends, and we were able to feed them because of the help of our Volunteer Missionary Cooks, and here you see these NOT NORMAL people in the barn, being fed and in the Creation Theater.  The youth enjoyed being dressed in the culture of the world, and it was indeed a day that they will long, long, long remember!