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December 2019

Serving the Lord
in the Czech Republic

News from Peter and Lucy Hoffmann

čert (the devil)


Christmas Traditions in the Czech Republic

Many of the Christmas traditions in the Czech Republic are similar to those in the USA.  But there are a number of traditions that are quite different and interesting.  To find out more about these traditions and how čert (the devil) relates to these traditions, please read the attached newsletter.  



You can hear our Christmas message to be broadcast on and KFUO AM850 in St. Louis.



Life is complicated and even more so at Christmas. We get busy with church activities, decorating, baking, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, parties, fun activities, and time with family and friends.  These are certainly a part of Christmas, but the world has a way of luring us into its ways and the true meaning of Christmas gets lost.  Jesus is the reason we celebrate.  To understand the real meaning of Christmas we have to go back, not to the birth of Jesus, but all the way back to Adam and Eve.  God placed them in a perfect world.  They had everything they needed.  Then they sinned.  But, as God pronounced the curse, He no longer walked in the garden with them.  He banished them.  He also gave them a promise.  God promised a Seed, a Seed that would be born of a woman.  That Seed would make all that was wrong, right.  He would make all that was broken, whole.  This Seed is Jesus and He would bring peace and harmony where strife, hate and conflict raged like a destructive storm. This Jesus is the only way, real truth, and life.  He conquered death.  This is why we celebrate and pass the Good News on to others.

Please Pray for:

* Empowerment for all to abundantly share the Good News of Jesus Christ 
* More pastors, Biblically trained, to fill empty churches, including a bi-lingual pastor to preach and help teach and disciple in Olomouc
* Missionary, Ben Helge, and his work in Silesia
* Our leaders to have wisdom and justice, according to Your moral laws and a hunger for God’s Word
* An end to war and promotion of domestic and international peace
* More people to know the true meaning of Christmas and to pass it on to others

Give thanks for:

* Additional relationships through our Senior Club
* Wisdom, strength and health
* Pastor Kastor, who provides communion once a month
* All the Lutheran Churches that are supporting us in our mission
* Progress in learning the Czech language
* Jesus



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