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Tian Shan Peaks

December 2019





From Kip and Ivy, Noah and Kayla Hoech

Serving the Dungan in the Tian Shan Mountains of Central Asia


Photos above: New Year’s Greetings from our family to yours!

Noah & Kayla shared Gingerbread house fun with friends.


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Birthday Blessings


“Would you please prepare eight of the pocket-sized New Testament audio players for me?” Kip asks me in the morning. Every morning, Kip opens the soybean work site with devotions and prayers with the employees. Today is his birthday. He plans to bless all of them with the most precious gift, the Word of God.


At home, I am getting ready to pray with a young woman. I have acupuncture patients coming in the morning and will prepare a birthday feast for guests by three o’clock. I pray that I could be faithful in my small part. God is the One working through His Word as people hear or read it.


The patients come late and leave late. Dungan guests show up early for Kip’s birthday while I am still cooking. Several unexpected women guests also come. Since females don’t eat at the same table with the males, the younger women help me to spread a second table in the kitchen, apart from the full table in our living room.


Kip invited a couple of believing brothers and also Muslim farmers. As expected, the topic of who Allah really is comes up naturally. The discussion is open and friendly. Kip even finds an opportunity to give an audio scripture to one of his old farmer friends whose eyesight is failing. He is delighted.


Earlier at the soybean site, Kip’s workers were excited about the special gift, trying on the earphones and listening to the audio scriptures right away. After the others left the room, the office manager, Z, related her appreciation to Kip, “My parents have taught me about life. But you have taught me about life with God. Everything I know about God and my relationship with God I learned from you.” This Dungan woman has watched how her boss helps farmers, solves problems and lives for God day in and day out. Though she has never confessed faith in Isa the Messiah, over nine years of working with us she has received more Gospel truth than perhaps anyone else. She likes to pray, occasionally reads the Scriptures, and is fond of the believers around her.


Kip seized the opportunity and asked Z directly, “So, what do you believe about Isa?”


Z thought about it. “I haven’t read the entire Book. There is much for me still to learn.” She paused, searching for the right words, then continued, “But as much as I understand, Isa is my God.”


Wow! Z’s confession of faith was Kip’s biggest birthday blessing this year. God continues to create faith in people’s hearts through His Word!




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Collegiate Chronicle

Noah (21)


Noah opted out of his university meal plan and took advantage of the kitchen in his on-campus apartment-style dorm. He’s found several part-time jobs besides being an RA. One is helping a chef to set up for a dining society. The bonus is a free meal. That led to him cooking for another dorm every Sunday in place of the chef. With whatever ingredients they’re given, or whatever produce is left in the refrigerator, Noah and his buddy, Daniel, team up to cook for 60 people without instructions or recipes. Their meals are a huge hit–students love the days when they cook and praise their food as “one of best Stanford dining experiences.”

Teen Talk

Kayla (18)


Most of the time, Kayla has to go to school on her birthday, unlike her brother who usually celebrates his August birthday while we travel abroad. This November, Kayla needed to apply for her own visa to stay in Kyrgyzstan legally before she turned 18. The electronic visa permit didn’t come in until a few hours to midnight. In order to activate the visa, she needed to exit the country while still 17 and re-enter it as an 18-year-old. Even though she was at the border crossing of our neighbor country, Kazakhstan, only for a half-hour as the clock struck midnight, as Kayla remembers, she was in a foreign country on her birthday for the first time.






Give Thanks With Us for:


1.  Friends and family spread out around the globe. We treasure each one of you dearly in our hearts. We would love to receive your Christmas updates by email or regular mail.

2.  The many audio scriptures we have given this month to Muslims who are seeking God. Please pray for each who received one take the Word to heart.

3.  Four new people joined our weekly gathering. Please pray for our believers to form a caring network and loving community. 

4.  Kip’s mother is recovering well after surgery. Kip went home to help and for the first time in 20+ years, got to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family. 


Pray With Us for:


1.  The students at Living Word are gathering things for families in need during the 12 Days of Christmas. Please pray that the gift sharing activity will draw them to the Greatest Gift of Christmas.

2.  That we could receive all government permissions to move into the new property for our Living Word language center in January, and then more permissions to be able to get visas for foreign teachers and foreign students.

3.  Kayla applied to four universities for the fall of 2020. Pray God will lead her to the school where He wants her to grow while serving Him.

4.  Our favorite cardiologist is coming again at the end of January. Please pray for his trip to be safe, his health strong and his service to the Dungan to lead many to the Messiah.




Photo Gallery




Kip and a soybean buyer at our storage and cleaning site.



Gingerbread house materials created Good News sharing opportunities with dozens of people this Christmas. Ivy crafts the edible homes with her university students (above), Living Word students try their hands at it (below), and a family enjoys the eating as much as the making! (lower right)






Kayla took 2nd place in the citywide Math contest. Fifteen schools participated.



F has been bedbound for years. We brought food, cheer, and good news to her and her husband as well as other poor families this Christmas.










Due to the sensitive nature of our work, please ask us before sharing this with others.

And please do not post anything about us on the internet. Thank you!




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