Herb and Markie Burch – Belize May 2018 Update

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The latest news from the Burch family in Belize.

Greetings from Belize!

As you may recall, in September of 2017 Herb and I arrived in Belize under the lofty title of “church planters.” We now know that church planting is a little like trying to grow tomatoes in the tropics. Out back in our yard we have planted a lot of tomato seeds, and we have seen a few hopeful seedlings sprout, but we have also been astonished when plants have simply vanished in the night. The same is true of church. We have had a few hopeful starts and have we have encountered a few interesting detours; however, thanks be to God, we are beginning to put down roots and learn how to live and grow here in this beautiful tropical land.

Although we have had services with the Meissner family in our homes, and we have traveled to Seine Bight to celebrate and worship there, today marks the first “official” worship service of the Lutheran Church here in Belmopan. Duane and Elizabeth invited and hauled most of the congregation to our place on the Belize River, and when the service opened in the name of our Triune God, we were twenty hungry souls in need of God’s spiritual food.

After the service it was a little like the Keystone cops around here. We had planned for a smaller gathering so Herb scrambled to add a few more things to the menu. He was barbequing on a grill the size of a placemat, so I began to feel a little panicky; I didn’t want people to lose patience as they waited for the coals to heat and the food to cook. But you know Herb…as he serenely began to cook, someone pointed up into the trees above, and WOW! a family of four howler monkeys entertained us with their antics until the food was cooked and served.

I would love to show you a photo, but I’m afraid I was so busy being a “Martha” that I didn’t take a breath until folks were on their way back to their homes.  Hopefully you can picture this “first” with your imaginations, and if not…you may have to come to Belize to see for yourselves what the Lord is doing here.

Blessings during this blessed season of Pentecost!