Halter (Hong Kong) Update – March 2022

My Dear Friend,

Even though we are in the midst of COVID,  I remain very busy with many activities.  As usual I have Zoom meetings including the editing of the Practical Evangelism book up to three times a week—with lots of work in between getting pictures finalized, organizing the outlines, revising the Appendix, finding the correct music for all the songs, etc.  Other Zoom meetings include a weekly prayer meeting, evangelism meetings once every two weeks, other monthly meetings, as well as sharing what I am doing in Hong Kong with people in the USA.  Of course I always treasure the opportunities to have Zoom Bible classes for ladies’ groups and children’s groups.

When there are not so many COVID restrictions, on public holidays I join the Abundant Life Lutheran Church in Fan Ling to share the Word of God with the people on the streets nearby.   There are many Filipina maids here working for local Hong Kong people, and so I provide and donate clothes, shoes, and other items for them to send back to their families in the Philippines.  Whenever COVID prevents gathering in person, I spend a lot of time sharing the Word of God with people who are sick or in need of counseling using e-mail, What’s App, or the phone.  If I ever have any extra time, I prepare for future Sunday School teachers training programs.  So the work continues even though much of it is online because of the pandemic.

But, rather than telling you in detail about what I do in Hong Kong these days, today I would like to tell you about a couple of my favorite people here in Hong Kong.  One is Mia, a street sleeper in her forties whom I met in a nearby park.  At first she would ignore me and not let me talk with her.  Gradually as I brought her face masks and water, she began to warm up to me. 

Although I found a place for her to live rent-free including meals, she does not want to go there.  She is afraid that it would limit her freedom too much because she would have to be home at a certain time at night as well as participate in helping cook meals and wash dishes.  I continue to be in contact with her, if not in person, then at least by phone.  She told me that she doesn’t always answer her phone because she is too tired or is not in the mood to talk.  I always tell her that even if she does not answer her phone, when she sees that I called, then she can know I was praying for her at that time.  Whenever we talk together, she wants me to pray for her.  She asks that I pray for her to have good health, people to help her when she needs help, and enough money to live on.  (As a street sleeper she gets money from the government each month).  She is not ready to talk to God herself yet, so please pray for her that she will come to know Jesus Christ and trust Him as her Lord and Savior.  The picture above was taken when we were celebrating her birthday together at a teahouse.

Another one of my favorite people in Hong Kong is my dear Mrs. Chan for whom I have been praying for many years.  She is happy to have a meal together or talk with me on the phone, but she does not want to believe in Jesus.  She believes that when she was young a god named Guan Yin helped her.  She doesn’t want to turn her back on that god.  Guan Yin in other places is sometimes depicted with a thousand arms and varying numbers of eyes, hands and heads, sometimes with an eye in the palm of each hand. 

This god, which you see in the picture, is commonly called “the thousand-arms, thousand-eyes” god.  How very sad it is when people do not know the true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  There are always so many people here in Hong Kong who need to know our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Do pray for these two ladies and all the other people here who do not yet know and believe in Jesus.

With love in Christ,

P. S. If you or some of your family, friends, or church members are interested in having a special Zoom meeting with me about the work that I do here in Hong Kong, just let me know and we can make plans together.

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