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My dear Friend in Christ,

I pray that you are doing well in the midst of COVID-19 and that you are receiving strength from God sufficient for the challenges you face each day.  To begin this letter, I want to 
express heartfelt thanks to Mission Central for all their support of me as one of God’s servants  here in Hong Kong.  On June 17 they worked hard to set up a Zoom meeting for me to share what the Lord is doing in Hong Kong.  If you would like to see this Zoom program, the link is:  Also if you are interested in having a special Zoom meeting like this with you and some of your church members or other friends, just let me know and we can make plans together.
When COVID-19 began, Chinese people traveled to Thailand to make offerings to a Buddha statue there.  One group of six people offered 200,000 eggs to this statue hoping 

that it would respond and make COVID-19 go away.  What a privilege it is that I am here in Hong Kong to tell the Chinese people that the true God is not like that.  The true God gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, to take away our sins.  And the true God gives us everything with His Son—everything that we need.  We don’t have to offer Him 200,000 eggs and hope He might hear our prayers.   

Just before COVID-19 came to Hong Kong, Pastor K. K. Fung and Evangelist Wong Ga Sing, from two different LCHKS churches, decided to come to the area where I live and unexpectedly invite me out for Chinese tea.  During our discussions on many topics, I mentioned the book that I wrote, Practical Evangelism.  I wrote this book several years ago and have been wanting to edit it.  But I was in the middle of doing so much mission work, that it was hard to find time.  Since it is in Chinese, I was in need of some Chinese editors.  When he had time, Pastor Fung was already helping me edit this book.  Now Evangelist Wong was interested and volunteered to  help as well.  He said that because of COVID-19 he had more free time since there was no visiting, no eating with members and no church meetings except those online.  He was happy to now have a new mission in life.  Pastor Fung was excited that the three of us could do this together as a team.  Because of COVID-19, we now all have the time to spend on this project.  I thank God for working out everything so that this book can be on its way to being finished.  For many
weeks we met on Zoom doing the in-depth editing.  Just recently restrictions in Hong Kong have lessened so we can now meet in my home to work on the book together.  This is much easier since we can use our own computers and look at a common large screen together.  On the common screen we have different colors to indicate what we want to add, cross out, change, etc.   


Originally this book was only in the Chinese language.  Then, Mrs. Miriam Carter, a missionary serving in the Lutheran Church Hong Kong Synod, became interested in the 

book.  Now, in addition to the two Christian brothers, Miriam and I spend long mornings having telephone meetings to edit the English.  Together we discuss the Biblical concepts that are so important to be expressed clearly.  Also I translate into English the parts of the book which were only in Chinese.  The book, Practical Evangelism, consists of twenty lessons with a teacher’s book and a student’s book.  I am ever so grateful for all three of these precious people helping with this book.  May the Lord God use it for His glory.       
In the midst of COVID-19, God continues to move in many ways to send His Gospel forth to the ends of the earth.  He is with each one of us and I know that He will take care of you and be close to you especially at this time.
With love in Christ,
Carol Lee Halter
Missionary to the Chinese people


Father’s Day

Abundant Life Lutheran Church

                       gave out
   700 face masks and Gospel tracts. 




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