Carol Halter – Hong Kong July 2019 Update


My dear beloved Friends,

Since summer is the time for graduations, I will share with you one of the graduation ceremonies I attended.  The Lutheran Church Hong Kong Synod has twenty-two kindergartens and nurseries in Hong Kong.  I attended a nursery graduation ceremony for the children of ten of these nurseries/kindergartens.  There was a total of around 1,000 children and parents at the ceremony held in Tsuen Wan, New Territories of Hong Kong.  In the picture below you see the children all lined up in their robes getting ready to receive their graduation certificates.  The banner above reads, “The Lutheran Church Hong Kong Synod Social Services Department Combined Nursery Graduation Ceremony.”

As part of the ceremony, I had the privilege of sharing the Word of God with them. The Chinese words on the screen say, “We grow in Christ.”

The children also put on several dramatic plays depicting Old Testament stories.

Some of the children traveled with their teachers over two and a half hours to get to Tsuen Wan from Cheung Chau Island.  Below you see one of the ten graduating classes.  The girl in the center was the representative to receive the graduation certificates for the whole class.

At the end of the graduation program Rev. Daniel Y. S. Li, the First Vice President of the Lutheran Church Hong Kong Synod, presented me with a plaque to remember this important occasion.  Afterwards they had a meal for the leaders, which gave me more opportunities to relate with the LCHKS people.

What a splendid way to spend an early summer morning—telling little children about the Lord Jesus Christ.  Indeed, that is what I live for—to share the Word of God with the Chinese people.
In closing, I will share with you the 38th Biennial Convention of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League which was held from June 20 to 23 in Mobile, Ala.  The convention theme “In Praise to the Lord!” is based on I Chron. 16:23-24a.  The keynote speaker, Rev. Dr. Brent Smith, asked me to have a group of ladies sing in Chinese, “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty.” I had a short introduction and then the group of LWML ladies praised God through singing this hymn. If you would like to see the 1 1/2 minute program, you can watch it on the video below.

   May God bless you throughout the summer.
         With love in Christ,
         Carol Lee Halter
Missionary to the Chinese people

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