Good Friday visitors from Holstein, Iowa














At the Lord’s Mission Central we work every single day.  Why, because it’s NOT WORK…it’s a JOY to see what “surprises” and MIRACLES happen each day at this MIRACLE PLACE!

Our volunteers were off for the day, my secretary Pam was off for the day and it was a day that Old Missionary Gary could do some office work and do some reading and study.

It was GOOD FRIDAY, and the Lord sent two special friends from Holstein, Iowa….yes, the Lord sent Brian and Debbie Friedrichsen….they drove down hoping that they could find someone at Mission Central.  What a BLESSING to have them come, and what a JOY that they were able to see and witness The Lord’s Creation Theater!  Wow, what an encouragement these dear friends have been over the years!  Brian, Debbie and their family “really get it”….and understand that the only thing really important in this life is TELLING MORE AND MORE PEOPLE IN DARKNESS ABOUT OUR SAVIOR JESUS!

We had such a wonderful visit…. a real time of sharing with Christian friends.  Here you see Brian and Debbie in front of our Boss here in Gary’s office.  It was a day we won’t forget.  It was a day that was “supposed to happen”.