Sometimes the evil one can get ahold of a person, and we feel depressed and down in the dumps.  The evil one wants to “discourage” us Christians, in this dark old world we now live in!

But, what a JOY to realize that our Lord Jesus “PUTS SPECIAL PEOPLE IN OUR LIVES TO KEEP US GOING”.  And, we have to remember those 5 little words that our dear Jesus told us just as he was ready to ascend into our real home….in Matthew 28:20 He said, “I am with your always”!!  What a JOY and encouragement.

Old Missionary Gary can get down in the dumps sometimes, but then God puts special people in my path…like my dear, dear, dear super star friend and encourager, Dr. Margaret Walker from Boone, Iowa.  Margaret is a real WALKING TALKING MIRACLE LADY!  God is still in charge of every single thing in our lives!

I have the privilege of speaking with Margaret on the phone about every month or so, and she is such an intelligent lady, who truly knows our Lord Jesus, who lives in her heart!  She is as “sharp as a tack” and knows exactly what’s going on in the world and even in the current politics!  What is truly amazing is the fact that this dear soul is only 104 years old!!!!  WHAT A BLESSING AND ENCOURAGEMENT SHE HAS BEEN IN MY LIFE!  WOW, GOD IS GOOD, AND THE REASON SHE IS STILL HERE, IS BECAUSE GOD HAS WORK YET FOR HER TO DO AND SHE IS DOING IT!!!!