In this journey we call life, we have found that some of the BEST missionaries can be grandparents!  Grandchildren love their grandpa and grandma, and listen carefully to what they say and do!
This past week we had the blessing of seeing this in action here at Mission Central.  George and Karen Janssen from Denison, Iowa had their grandson Abraham come from Carroll, Iowa to spend some Christmas vacation time with his grandpa and grandma.
George and Karen were kind enough to come and have a tour at Mission Central so that Abraham could go home to his dad and mom and his 11 siblings at their home in Carroll, Iowa to tell them about this MIRACLE PLACE!  This family had NOT been at Mission Central to see the Creation Theater and the other facilities that the Lord has given to us!  It was a special time for this family, and I know that Abraham will be a real missionary and I’m sure that his mom and dad and their 12 children will be coming to see what God has done here in the middle of nowhere with an old set of farm buildings!!!