Gary and Stephanie Schulte – Burkina Faso Update March 2018

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We hosted our second West African Mercy Medical Team and first in the small country of the Gambia March 11-17, 2018. We saw and treated close to 900 people during the 5 clinic days. Tiny Gambia is a highly muslim country but our overtly Christian outreach was welcomed by everyone we met. What a blessing to be able to share the Gospel and pray with so many people who for the first time heard about Jesus and that he loves them dearly.


Greeting the chief of Abuko and his four wives.

Finally! The team from America has arrived!

Each day of clinic began with a team prayer.

Lots of people came to receive treatment.

Our international team of Americans and Gambians.

Rev. Brian Martin, Rev. Dr. John Loum and Lay Evangelist Samuel Present the Gospel to waiting patients