What happens when people “think outside the box” and are truly NOT NORMAL?  That’s exactly when real MIRACLES can take place.  That’s exactly what happened at the Vacation Bible School at Emmanuel Lutheran Church of York, Nebraska!

This VBS was directed by Missionary Kelli Kaiser, pictured with her husband Missionary Rev. Ben Kaiser, and you can see all of the students that were part of this real MIRACLE!  As a part of their program animals of ALL kinds were brought in from all over, and there were camels, zebra, goats, cattle and a variety of other animals… that the students could see these real live animals that God had made on the 6th day of creation.

However, it was so important for the students to all understand that we have to tell people about Jesus and in all parts of the world….and so they set some goals to help send a missionary to a land of darkness…..and the students became so excited when the challenge was put forth that some of the teachers and staff members were required to actually “kiss one of the animals” when their dollar goal was reached, and more and more of the students wanted to see ALL of the staff have to kiss these animals and their goal kept getting higher and higher…and until the “world record” was set by these students!  Yes, normally, a VBS group will provide anywhere from $200.00 to $300.00 for a special mission project!

But, not these NOT NORMAL folks…as the students were challenged, their goal got higher and higher, until the final total to help their missionary reached MORE THAN $3,000.00!  In more than 25 years, Old Missionary Gary, has never, never seen a VBS group raise that much blessing for one of our missionaries.  We are sure that this is the “WORLD RECORD” for a blessing from a VBS group.

Special thanks to Missionary Kelli Kaiser, Director of the VBS and her dear husband Missionary Rev. Ben Kaiser….these folks are truly NOT NORMAL!!!!!