Bartelt (Taiwan) Update – September 2022

                                                                                          September 2022 Newsletter

Serving the Lord in Taiwan

Where Are You From?

Thank you so much for reading my newsletter and for your support. This has been a month of great thanksgiving and also change. I have gone from living in a house in Lincoln with my dog Daisy to being technically homeless (See “Blessings from God” below.) but being welcomed in my family’s homes (my parents and my sister.) It reminds me of Jesus’ words and of the chorus of a song I wrote a very long time ago while living in Kazakhstan. “Foxes they have holes. Birds have nests, but my home is in the Father’s house, where the Son gives rest.” In the past when my students have asked me where I’m from, I have often responded, “I don’t know.” I have lived in 18 different houses or apartments in 48 years in the Midwest, Texas, Germany, Kazakhstan and India. I’m sure some of you can beat that number! However, it reminds me that we are not at home in this world as Paul describes in 2 Corinthians 5. It reminds me of the importance of sharing with others where I am from and how they can call it their home as well. 

A Service of Thanksgiving

Photo Credit: Frank Kohn/The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod


On Friday, August 26th the LCMS celebrated a Service of Thanksgiving at the International Center. After the service 8 missionary families were honored for their service as they left the field (some after more than 40 years!) I am the only missionary being sent this summer, so it was also a time to recognize completion of orientation and my sending. In the photo are all the people present who had served at some time as a missionary overseas. Praise be to God for the work God did through these missionaries to share the Gospel around the world. 

A Gift of Hymnals

While I was in St. Louis for the second part of orientation, I had the opportunity to meet up with an old friend from San Antonio, TX, Pastor (Rev. Dr.) Ely Prieto. He was the executive director of LINC-SA (Lutheran Inter-City Network Coalition,) for which I was the secretary for many years. He is now teaching at Concordia Seminary in St. Lous. Originally Pastor Prieto is from Brazil, and he goes back to teach at the seminary there quite often. While he was there, he picked up the hymnal from the IELB (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil) for me. He also gifted me with a copy of the new Spanish language hymnal just printed by Concordia Publishing House. I am so grateful for Pastor’s Prieto’s friendship, generosity and hospitality. It was a great blessing to catch up with him, and I am thankful to have more examples of faithful Lutheran hymnals to share with brothers and sisters in Christ in Asia.

Blessings from God

On Thursday, September 1st my house in Lincoln went on the market. By Saturday morning we had nine offers to consider. I am thankful and happy to report that the house is now under contract, awaiting appraisal and closing in October. I am so grateful to my parents and blessed to have a family willing to help me go through all my things and decide whether to give them away, sell them, store a few things or set aside a few things to take. They have been amazing and are also willing to house me while I am without a home for a few months.

Family Reunion

Over Labor Day Weekend I had the blessing of being able to visit my family in Kansas as I get ready to leave and not see them for several years. It was good to see them, catch up and hear stories about my mom and her siblings growing up!


  • a full schedule of presentations this Fall.
  • my house going under contract so quickly.
  • family and friends who support me in so many ways!


  • my sister and her family as they welcome a high school student from China into their home and get used to having their oldest child away at college for the first time.
  • transitions from living alone to being technically homeless but welcomed by family into their homes and from being a teacher to being “on the road” sharing what God is doing in Asia and how He may use me.

PLEASE feel free to email me and share any prayer requests you may have.

Prayerfully, as the Lord allows, continue or consider partnering with the LCMS to support this important work in Taiwan.

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