Julie Lutz – Winter 2019 Prayers – Papua New Guinea

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3 March 2019

Greetings in Christ,

As I send out this prayer letter, my thoughts go to you who have been
walking alongside me on the path.  I continue to be grateful for and
humbled by that support.  Thank you.

I know that your support is not just financial and I cherish your
prayers.  This has been a challenging season and I would like to share
several prayer requests in addition to those I raised in the attached
Winter Prayer letter.

+ The bank accounts of Immanuel Lutheran Rural Hospital have temporarily
been frozen as investigations into mismanagement are conducted. This
severely impacts the services which can be provided at the hospital,
yet, sadly, it is needed.   Please pray that ILRH will emerge with
leadership of Godly integrity, and will again be a beacon reflecting
Christ and extending His healing hand in this community.

+ The network of 25+ Lutheran schools in Enga are just starting their
school year.  I am working with two schools to coordinate their
Christian Religious Education curriculum, perhaps as models for other
schools to follow.  Please pray that God would bless the witness to
Christ given through the materials, but especially by the teachers and
school chaplains, so the students will grow in faith in Jesus Christ as
their Savior.

+ Please pray for the pastors and leaders of the Gutnius Lutheran Church
and for our mission team as we endeavor to work together in harmony.
Divisiveness, mistrust, disrespect, and greed are Satan’s tools which we
know too well.  Please pray that God’s Spirit of peace and unity will
bring us to the cross in repentance and forgiveness because of Christ.

Thank you for your prayers and for your partnership in the Gospel.

God’s peace be with you.

Julie Lutz

Please excuse if this comes a second time.  Our internet is cantankerous
and quite incorrigible – when we can get it to work at all.  :-}


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