Ford family visits Mission Central












September 24th, 2018 was indeed a special day!  For many times, that Old Missionary Gary and Missionary Brent have visited at Redeemer Lutheran in Sioux City, Iowa…they noticed setting there were missionaries Chuck and Gloria Ford!  They always wanted to come and see the Lord’s Mission Central.

When their son Andy came home for a visit from Columbus, Indiana, where he is a member of the world famous St. Peter Lutheran Church… and  they wanted Andy to see Mission Central also, and so the 24th of September worked for this family…and they came to visit.

We could tell immediately that they were NOT NORMAL…normal people don’t come to a place like Mission Central and what a JOY to welcome this dear family.

They enjoyed their tour of the offices, the ministry center, the creation theater tour and the Barn Museum.  They had never seen anything quite like this MIRACLE place!

The end of the tour featured a stop of the famous “wayside prayer chapel”, with a prayer before they left. Here you see this special family in front of our Boss here at HIS Mission Central.