Fifth grade missionaries from Columbus, Nebraska come to Mission Central


Tuesday the 30th of April was a wonderful way to end the month of April, because we had special missionaries that came to visit the Lord’s Mission Central.

What an absolute blessing to have the entire 5th grade from Immanuel Lutheran School of Columbus, Nebraska come for a special tour.  This group was able to spend a day here at this MIRACLE PLACE!

It was such a privilege to have the opportunity to AWAKEN these young people to the fact that they are indeed Missionaries for the Lord Jesus, and that part of the event was the fact that at the end of the day they were all “sworn in” as special missionaries to tell people about Jesus the rest of their lives.  Yes, they each received a special “missionary cross” and material to share with their friends that perhaps, don’t know about Jesus.

Everyone both students and adults had the opportunity to tour the entire facility, and here you see the students and adults by the sign and also in the new Lord’s Creation Theater.  These young missionaries will remember their trip here for the rest of their lives!!!