Doctorate of Missions Given to Missionary Dr. Margaret Walker age 102!


Doctorate of Mission Central Missions given to Dr. Margaret Walker age 102


What a blessing and SPECIAL, SPECIAL DAY it was on June 8th, 2019!  A special gathering was arranged in Boone, Iowa for the blessing and celebration of 102 years that the Lord has given Missionary Margaret Walker of Boone, Iowa!  Yes, the family was gathered at the independent living facility, where the entire family of Margaret was gathered together to thank God for the 102 years that the Lord has given to this special Missionary.

Old Missionary Gary was invited to be the special guest with the family, and what a JOY to have the prayer for the meal, and offer thanks for Margaret, who has been such a faithful supporter of missionaries around the world.

A wonderful lunch was provided by Rich and Elaine Thomson, as Elaine is the daughter of Margaret…and then came the SUPRISE for everyone.  Old Missionary Gary, was able to provide an Honorary Doctorate to Margaret Walker, special missionary.  Yes, from now on we will be calling her Dr. Walker, as Mission Central presented this dear missionary with an honorary doctorate, and it is so, so, so well deserved.  This gift was given by all of us here at Mission Central.

Here you see Dr. Walker with her “certificate” and her special missionary friend for over 20 years, Old Missionary Gary.  It was truly a day all of us will never, never, never forget!  Without friends like Dr. Margaret Walker and her family WE COULD NOT KEEP ON TELLING PEOPLE ABOUT JESUS AT HIS MISSION CENTRAL!